Not content with the hordes of female artists doing the rounds, Philadelphia born Amanda Blank thinks we could do with another one, collaring Diplo and Switch to yet again work their magic. Unfortunately, this time around it seems they’re out of ideas. While there is the occasional solid pop song – for example the fast paced, bouncy album opener ‘Make It, Take It’ – Blank ends up sounding like a starstruck teen trying to emulate her idols. ‘Something Bigger, Something Better’ is a less grimy ‘XR2’, ‘Shame On Me’ is clearly Santigold’s ‘Creator’ while stand out single ‘Might Like you Better’ is half Lady GaGa, half crotch-grabbing 90s era Madonna. Amanda Blank is nothing different, nothing new and not good enough to stand out of the already over-crowded pack.

By Phil Burt

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