Now on their third record, Apostle of Hustle, a Canuck super group, part Broken Social Scene, part Feist and part Amy Millan band, show no signs of abating their appetite for the darker side of life. New album ‘Eats Darkness’ is less a collection of songs, more a soundtrack to a dystopian film, all squelchy sample mashes, occasionally broken by dips into pop ditties, sounding more like each of the band member’s day jobs. It works though, as the sweet melodies of ‘Whistle In The Fog’ and ‘Perfect Fit’ are made all the more intriguing by the battlefield sound effects that preceded them. Imagine latter day Nine Inch Nails sandwiched by Shins-like pop songs. It ought to be horrible, but it actually makes for a listen that is both challenging and hummable.

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