Wound up in a band named after the campest wrestler in WWF history? It’s fine – simply name your album after a fry-up to pull focus and then photograph a ‘full English’ for your cover to follow suit. To rectify BBM’s overwhelming aesthetic gashness, this third album needs to suplex the shit out of the Hammond beat world it sits in. So, without further a due, let 60’s soul instrumentals (‘Triumph Of The Olympian’) lay the smack down and Booker T receive a boot to the face from ‘Green Onions”s sleazier sibling (‘Beat Breakfast’), before Big Boss man’s Zombie-esque psyche organ pop pins you in the ring for the three count. Yes, it all goes a bit Austin Powers in a crude “Shagadelic Baby” kinda way, but more often than not ‘Full English‚”‘ will knock you flat on your back.

By Mandy Drake

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