Is playing shoddy, poorly recorded 2-minute guitar pop songs still refreshing or even fresh? Jess Scott seems to think so, proudly displaying her wares like a child at a garage sale. ‘Introducing’ is her take on the trusty formula of jangly guitars, clunky drumming and slightly distorted vocals. In her case, it produces a variety of noise pop that, unlike some other efforts by other bands (Vivian Girls, Best Coast), is nothing more than the sum of its parts. ‘Absolutely Anything’ does have a honey-sweet hook, but the rest of the record is just so uneventful and sometimes even joyless – and Scott’s timbre so irritatingly blas√© – that the few decent melodies and the understated, clever bass lines can’t hide the fact that there’s nothing on here that hasn’t been done better before.

By Sam Little

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