The idea that Cold Cave could be the kind of modern-thinking pop messiah that the Passion Pits, Big Pinks and XXs of this world have so far failed to be has inspired many a blogger to sweat-off the characters of their keyboards in frenzied cyber-hype. There’s nothing particularly modern or messianic about ‘Love Comes Close’ (the title track in particular sounds rather too close to New Order’s ‘Run’ for comfort), but the sound of hardcore hombre Wesley Eisold moving into new turf lends its crunchy digital pop an off-kilter charm. Get passed the slightly out-of-tune Peter Murphy-ish vocals, their tone lilting reliably between depressed and suicidal, and there’s plenty to love with tracks like ‘The Trees Grew Emotions and Died’ and the excellent ‘Heaven Was Full’ crying out for earthshaking remixes.

By Edgar Smith

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