Remember when the Strokes debut arrived fully formed; sounding like it just fell out of Julian Casablancas’ head in one natural pouring motion? Well, if you don’t, it was like the sensation you’ll get when you hear this: so effortless and well-rounded is this record it’s difficult to believe it’s a debut, or that its creators are only just in their 20’s. ‘…And the Hazy Sea’ kicks off veering wildly between cataclysmic guitar blowout and Rhodes-driven eye-of-the-storm calm, like a kind of post-rock Pavement, offering an early indication to the sheer number of ideas floating around here. The changes in direction then continue apace, taking in tightly coiled post-punk, shoegaze and horn-driven indie pop all in a refreshingly unforced stride, before a tepid and overlong closing number slightly spoils the fun. However, it’s a minor blip, and, taken as a whole, WTAM is a natural-sounding, sophisticated record that seriously repays repeated listening. 9/10