“””Straight from the flight we had to go directly to the venue to a production meeting that took about five hours. Then we went to the hotel and went straight out until about six in the morning. The gig was then the worst gig we’ve ever played. It was so bad.” Does It Offend You, […]

“””Straight from the flight we had to go directly to the venue to a production meeting that took about five hours. Then we went to the hotel and went straight out until about six in the morning. The gig was then the worst gig we’ve ever played. It was so bad.” Does It Offend You, Yeah?’s Summer Sonic Festival appearance was not the Asian debut of dreams. But as bassist Morgan assures us, the band put all of that right before the ink was even dry on the ‘Britain’s-New-Hopes=Britain’s-No-Hopes’ headlines.
“So then we went to Tokyo and were like, ‘this has got to be the one’. We packed out the venue to 6000 people and just totally went for it. It was the best gig I’ve ever done. We had all of the hall jumping up and down, and Dan threw up after the show.”

Post show vomit is one thing, as is filling a hall with 6000 people in the middle of the planet’s largest metropolis, but for those people to be airborne, however, is an achievement that The Beatles struggled to manage. Impeccably mannered, notoriously, Japanese music fans don’t lose the plot for any old synth-wielding anglo-party-goers. So why now? What’s so special about Does It Offend You, Yeah??

“At that show I learned all of these Japanese words,” explains Morgan “phrases like ‘Make some noise’ and ‘Jump up and down’, and I just went out and went straight for the audience, talking to them and getting them riled up. What threw me the day before was not being able to talk to people. I really hate playing shows where I can’t communicate with the crowd. I find it weird when bands just play, people watch them and they walk off.”

On record, DIOYY? can cause your stereo to spawn legs, pounce off of the shelf and rut your antique dresser. Myspace demo ‘We Are Rockstars’ sounds like Daft Punk being bummed by an extra-confrontational Prodigy, while limited 12″ ‘Weird Science’ squelches as it beats the dancing car from the Citroen advert into submission. Both tracks were in no small way responsible for the band securing a record deal with Virgin; the label that are about to unleash new single ‘Let’s Make Out’ on an unsuspecting world that is readily convinced that the indie/dance crossover well has run dry.

Like Chemical Brothers’ ‘Hey Boy, Hey Girl’ before it – with five talons fellating the mainstream and as many satisfying any warehouse party worth its electricity bill – it’s a song that will push aside the something of a self-demonising name – “Have I got a girlfriend and does she get real mean? Yes she does!” barks the chorus of the band’s dirrrtiest romp to date.

Once a duo of Dan and James, two became three when DIOYY? were ready to hit the road with their mutant disco (“We went from hanging out at gigs together to playing gigs together,” says final member Morgan) and since working out how to put live what they somehow create in the studio it’s not just been Japan that has ‘been offended’, and loved every violating second of it.

“Getting away with things that you can’t on record” (or “big build ups and breakdowns,” as Morgan explains it) is something that the band have most recently mastered touring with Hadouken!; a band with enough confidence in themselves to not keep their support act on a short leash.

“It was an amazing tour,” beams Morgan. “The good thing about Hadouken! was they never came up to me and asked me to ‘not do that’. So I could crowd-surf and go into the crowd and do what I liked. There was no weirdness. Sometimes if you’re supporting a band and you go for it, they’re like, ‘you can’t be doing that’, blatantly in case you show them up. I can’t say any names but I’ve been on tours when you’re doing what you’re doing and then the next day we’ve had a perimeter area and told if you go past that you’ll get fined. I’m totally serious, it happens. Also you go on tour with bands and they make sure you’re quieter than the headline act. But with Hadouken! there was none of that. Everyone was in it together.”

As much as we’d like to speculate who the threatened bands of previous tours have been – worried enough by DIOYY?’s live set to enforce such ‘match-fixing’ limitation – it’s not an easy task. You heard what Morgan was saying about 6000 Japanese fans jumping up and down – for every Kaiser Chief that even a shit sandwich could upstage, there’s a Michael Jackson who could easily have been the fine spot introducer.
“This girl came up to me after a Hadouken! show and I thought she obviously wants an autograph, but she blatantly didn’t,” laughs Morgan. “She was like, ‘you were on stage a minute ago, weren’t you?’ And I was like, ‘yeah, that’s right’. And she’s like, ‘can I ask you a question?’ and I’m like, ‘yeah yeah, go ahead’. ‘How old are you?’ she says. So I say, ‘I’m 27’. And she said, ‘Aren’t you a bit old to be doing all this?’ I just had to laugh, but she seemed so concerned.”

As modest as they are still clearly in touch with their sense of humours, DIOYY? are one hype-heavy band that currently look towards small victories. When we ask what the grand plan is, a few headline shows is all that they ask for. The certainty of such an achievement coming to pass within the next year is akin to Noel Edmonds hoping that he’ll get to pick up a phone at work today. We’d be very offended if not.

Morgan DIOYY? is currently…
…Listening to Goose

“I’m bang into this band called Goose. On record it’s pretty cool, live it is amazing. I don’t know if you ever saw Clor when they were around but you go and see this band and they are amazing. The quality of sound when you see them live and the way they structure songs, they’ve really gotten in my head.” “

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