It seems Dot Allison moves in some pretty luminary circles. Boasting collaborations with Paul Weller and Scott Walker, and championed by the ever-woeful Pete Doherty, her bewitching voice is one to be heard wandering down windswept wooded paths as opposed to muggily soundtracking Kings Cross bedsits. It’s an album that comes on with ethereal assurance; the melancholic, weighted ‘Fall to Me’ the highlight of the piano-laden laments. But the lo-fi strumming of ‘I Wanna Break Your Heart’, peppered with Doherty’s drugged, intermittent mumbles, and the frail Weller turn on ‘Love’s Got Me Crazy’ only serve to highlight the hypnotism of Allison’s wraithlike vocals. And when she injects a bit of Sons and Daughters’ gypsy fire into the Scott Walker cover ‘Montague Terrace (In Blue)’, you can’t help but think she could have carried this one off by herself.

By Reef Younis

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