“We did a photo shoot once and we didn’t like it,” said ECSR’s guitarist Mikey Young to L&Q, back in April. “We don’t do them now.” Defiantly DIY, the Melbourne no-collar, no-fi garage foursome have – despite shirking most promo opportunities, recording their albums over 24 hours and playing gigs in alleyways – become quite a name back home. And not because lead singer Brendan Huntley insists on wearing gloves as a ‘security blanket’ on stage. This, their second album (packaged with their debut as a bonus disc), somehow earned them an ARIA nomination (the Aussie equivalent to the Brit Awards) last year. Not a huge surprise as ‘Primary Colours’ hones their simple take on The Feelies, The Troggs and The Zombies with scorching swagger and skeletal panache. Simply put, a triumph for go-fuck-yourself.

By Omarrr

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