Live Review
Factory Floor at White Heat, Madam Jo Jo’s, Soho
Factory Floor
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Whether you feel that this Soho indie night is a trendier-than-thou exercise in moveable cool that jumps on board the latest trends with blithe abandon or a London Shite-friendly indie romp doesn’t really matter because they’ve nailed a bands-then-DJs formula that’s made them a long-time going-out bastion in an area that’s otherwise so seedy it’s growing depraved little shoots. While the faders on the decks later are down too low to drown out the endless media yakyakyak, they’ve booked bands that are interesting, fashionable and down-right smashing. Best of all and second on, Factory Floor. Starting with the pulsating analogue monster that is ‘Lying’, they play a set that demonstrates how far above the canopy of London bands they’ve made their nest this year. The trio have an uncanny way with electronic, tribally repetitive dance rhythms and a human-looking drummer that sounds like he was developed by N.A.S.A, but they refuse to indulge the crowd with the comfortable rise and fall of conventional structures. Instead they aim for a heady, experimental mix of extended guitar techniques, no wave slash’n’burn and dreamy, Liquid Liquid-ish vocals. When they spoke to this magazine earlier in the year they stressed a multi-media outlook but it sounds from this like they’ve chosen to focus on the music. Good move.

By Edgar Smith


Originally published in issue 12 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. November 2009