It is easy for sophomore albums to attract an air of disappointment upon release, and when it is one that follows a Mercury nominated debut, avoiding the second album curse is a hard task made several times more difficult. Wandering Folk troubadour Fionn Regan has skirted around this problem by knitting together a mature sounding album that both acknowledges and bows down to the past’s already treasured greats; yet the flipside of this is that comparisons can be easily drawn and one hangs over ‘The Shadow Of An Empire’ more so than any other. Likening this album to those of Bob Dylan are inevitable as ‘The Shadow‚”‘ tracks its way along many of the same jagged paths, through country tinged whisky-sipping rock and introspective upbeat American folk. But balanced and finely constructed, this record gives Fionn Regan many more reasons to stand proudly in the spotlight.

By Nathan Westley

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