What with Gentle Friendly being a duo with a penchant for fuzzy vocal, woozy synths and looping bedroom trickery, they’re perhaps destined to forever be compared to fellow noise twosomes like Fuck Buttons and No Age. But ‘Ride Slow’ – an album that sees the Londoners stash more ethereal melodies than ever within their experimental, organ pop songs – celebrates the band’s own distinctive take on analogue tape music. ‘Rip Static’, for example, sounds like The Buggles being played down a walkie-talkie and ‘Lovers Rock’ is far more emotive than anything coming from LA’s Smell scene, which was first to embrace these two. A few 90 second interludes aside – which, fair enough, do scream Fuck Buttons – ‘Ride Slow”s carefully planned whirls and drums largely prove that Gentle Friendly are like no one but themselves.

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