This isn’t any Ecstatic Peace! release, this is the sumptuous and soulful tones of Brooklyn’s Glass Rock, filled with a warm sauce of female-fronted lounge on a bed of dulcet half ballads. That’s how ‘Tall Firs‚”‘ instantly feels: like a posh M&S ad gleaming through your TV set. And like all things Marks’, it’s fit and knows it, but somehow remains the right side of smug. In a barefaced case of ‘telling it like it is’, this ‘super group’ is made up of one key Tall Fir and, yes, members of Soft Location, and sounds far better than both individual bands. Kathy Leisen is really to thank for this – she seduces with her less cold, Fiest-like vocals, even if they are delivered at one continual safe pace, to safer, minimal drums and guitars. You may not need a whole album of Glass Rock, but like those goddamn sexy ads tell us, you will want a taste.

By Stuart Stubbs

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