Belle and Sebastian aficionados, queue here. God Help The Girl is the culmination of a long-fermenting side project of B&S singer Stuart Murdoch, voiced mainly by Stuart’s vocal ‘discovery’ Catherine Ireton, and populated by an array of vaguely notable collaborators including Neil Hannon. The music is finely produced and retro-driven. Tinges of fifties doo-wop pop mingle pleasantly with Murdoch’s twee melodies, strings and piano abound, and the whole sound is as highly polished as balustrades in the Hilton.
Yet amongst all this glossily produced loveliness, it’s notable that the standout track is actually a jazzily orchestrated version of the B&S gem ‘Funny Little Frog’. God Help The Girl is a very pleasant indulgence, but it’s not one likely to hold your attention for very long.

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