“ Here at Loud And Quiet we have too many mottos to mention but somewhere near the top of our favourites lie a couple that are more akin to golden rules: 1) ‘Never over expose a band by featuring them more often than they deserve to be’ and 2) ‘Only feature bands that we’re truly […]

Here at Loud And Quiet we have too many mottos to mention but somewhere near the top of our favourites lie a couple that are more akin to golden rules: 1) ‘Never over expose a band by featuring them more often than they deserve to be’ and 2) ‘Only feature bands that we’re truly fans of in the first place.’

And while Good Shoes are the first band to score their second feature with this months cover (we got to know the Morden based quartet on Making Waves in issue 07) we can rest assured that both aforementioned prerequisites have been met.

An awful lot has happened to the band since we last caught up with them in October of last year. They’ve featured in a less than perfect Dazed And Confused article (more on that later), recruited a management and PR team, continued to tour extensively and despite not getting “a fat wad of money”, as drummer Tom jokes, they’ve signed on the dotted line for Brille Records – home to The Knife, Whirlwind Heat and Envelopes. Singer, Rhys Jones, even managed to fit in time to have appendicitis, prolonging the start of a tour to promote new EP, ‘We Are Not The Same’.

What has remained since our last chat is Good Shoes’ undeniable ability to create, what the band call, “danceable, shed rehearsed music” that takes the everyday and paints it in a colourful day glow light. “I guess we write about what we know but what else can you write about?” reasons Rhys.

Their suburban tales of love, suicide and romance are exactly what we fell in love with when first hearing their early demos on the internet and now that ‘We Are Not The Same’ is in shops, everyone can enjoy the wealth.

How are you feeling Rhys?

Oh yeah, I’m fine. Just got it [the appendix] removed. They said I’d be ready for the beginning of the tour but our manager said to just take it off until the 21st so that’s when we start the tour now. I feel alright.

Why did you choose to sign to Brille?

Yeah, it’s been pretty crazy. I guess that when you’re in the middle of it, you don’t think about it. We chose to sign to them because they’re pretty cool guys who run it and the other bands on the label are just really cool bands. We’ve got this first single coming out on Monday [‘We Are Not The Same’] and it’s been so easy going, being able to do whatever artwork you want and deciding with them what singles should come out. There’s people I know who are just told what to do.

The last time we spoke you were on a Dazed And Confused shoot. How are you finding that side of being in a band?

Those shots are our press shots now. Dazed And Confused wouldn’t use this photo and yet they managed to write about a billion things wrong about us. Like we’re releasing a five track EP and getting our names wrong and what instruments we play. Just generally being incompetent. So they used this dodgy photo and then the guy who did the shoot just sent me an email with the other photos on. They’re really class. But yeah, interviews are cool. We don’t have to do many though so it’s not as if we can complain.

Tell us about ‘We Are Not The Same’.

Yeah, we got the artwork back last week on actual copies and it looks amazing. You’ve probably got the promo but if you get a chance to look at the actual single, it just looks‚” I think it looks amazing (laughs). But I’m bias. It’s great to be able to be in control of what goes on the CD. It’s like what I was saying last time about how cool it is to get something you create back, look good. I had a vision of the artwork and having the whole single come together over a couple of months is really nice.

Is there a grand plan for future releases?

It’s sort of a mini plan. There’s going to be another single in June/July and then another single out in September with the album but we’ll see if that actually happens because we haven’t actually started recording yet. We’re just trying out people for producing and stuff.

Will you write the whole LP from scratch or do you pretty much know what’s going on it?

It’ll all be from the stuff we’ve got at the moment. Like ‘Small Town Girl’ and ‘We Are Not The Same’ will be on it I think. Hardly anyone knows about us at the moment to be honest and then when the album comes out that’ll be when people will get to know us. Those songs mean a lot to me and I want them on there. But there’ll be new songs on there. We’ve recorded another ten songs, which are all demos of stuff like ‘Ice Age’ so it’s just going to be those and our other twelve demos and we’ll pick an album out of them. We’re also working on stuff all of the time.

What’s been the biggest highlight so far?

(Shouting the band behind him) What’s been the highlight so far? Tom says it’s been going on tour but we did that before we were signed. Signing was pretty amazing. It’s just that security and definitely knowing that you’re going to be releasing some material. When we signed we got new equipment. We recently got new flight cases and Tom got a new drum kit and it’s started to feel like a proper band. You get badges and stickers back and that’s all been cool.

So where are your flight cases heading first?

We’re going to Amsterdam. That’ll be the first proper gig abroad. Maybe America soon but I don’t know what the point would be at the moment. I think it’s probably better to get the single out so there’ll be some people knowing who we are, as opposed to just the five people from America on our myspace.

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