Exhilaration isn’t a word you’d associate with museums or trumpets but that’s what you get here‚”to some extent. It’s the brains of Dr. Blick and it sounds like his grey matter unwinding in a gloriously demented display. Apparently inspired by a mechanical instrument museum in Brentford, it feels like being lectured by a peculiar professor, albeit one you’d take to dinner. Formed from the ashes of One More Grain, GS is a more personal affair; in fact Blick’s father Robin plays a range of instruments throughout. Their recording technique has been labelled a ‘process’ and unfortunately it feels that way listening along, but it’s not all hard labour. The album comes alive on the floor. File alongside ‘Pip Paine’ era Metronomy, A Certain Ratio or Animal Collective and get moving cause it’s all part of the process.

By Ian Roebuck

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