Having pitched-in for Jack White’s trendier-than-good Dead Weather project earlier this year, Dean Fertita – that’s the Queens of The Stone Age rhythm guitarist, dudes – releases this much better solo effort upon the world. In a futuro-Beatles, Faces and Sabbath mesh of riffs, cowbells and biiig choruses, he’s crafted a late contender for best guitar party album of the year. Of particular note are ‘Mine in Sorrow’ (“She likes to think that she is more modern than tomorrow/but she’s mine in sorrow”!), ‘Faint Notion’ and ‘Far From It’. Single ‘Nature of our Minds’, with its detached acoustic guitar lightly-flanged vocals, In fact, almost everything on here is groovy-hair-swinging brilliance and it’s nice to see big-time rock stars digging up post-British invasion sounds rather than the 80’s, which must this year be feeling as fucked-out as Lil’ Kim.

By Edgar Smith

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