The master of break up music, Sam Beam, is back with his languid and comforting tones to serve up an appetiser that’ll keep you satisfied until his fourth album is complete. ‘Around the Well’ is a collection of rarities that will soak up those tears better than your pillow, and prove once and for all that ‘b-side albums’ needn’t be so dreaded. ‘Dearest Forsaken’ opens the two-disc set with an echoing pluck of folk guitar and Beam’s hushed accents hovering lightly above it. Being one of the more up-tempo tracks it eases you into the poignant renditions of New Order’s ‘Love Vigilantes’ and the Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’. And by the time Beam’s soothing coos of “Please remember me happily” are drumming on your ears during ‘The Trapeze Swinger’, you’ll be well on your way to repair.

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