The title of Lightning Bolt’s fifth album won’t fool anyone. These two sonic terrorists are known for their fit-inducing, explosive and exhilaratingly relentless noise-core slabs, not for grounded, agreeable or listenable pop-rock, and ‘Earthly Delights’ cements that reputation further. ‘The Sublime Freak’ will have speakers oozing sweat and listeners trying hard not to break out into a tribal dance possibly requiring a bloody sacrifice, and the closing 12-minute, bass riff orgy/torture jam ‘Transmissionary’ is a climax of the heart attack variety. This album is neither an earthly nor an especially delightful experience, and there will be only a handful of occasions (most of them will involve bodily fluids) where this will be the appropriate soundtrack to your life, but put it on at the right time and everything will fall into place.

By Mathias Scherer

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