Another in an increasingly long line of DIY champions, Local Natives entreat you to fall in love with them before a single harmony-laden note has been strummed. With self-penned show posters and album artwork, and a self-funded, co-produced LP, the band’s commitment lies in their pensive craft. An album awash with towering melodies and a whole lotta affection, from the tumbling guitar outset of opener ‘Wide Eyes’ it’s quickly apparent Local Natives aren’t about to go as feral as the name suggests. Easing together the orchestral pomp of ‘Who Knows, Who Cares’, and the galloping, Modest Mouse style breakdowns of ‘Sun Hands’ and ‘Warning Signs’, it’s an album capable of unexpectedly changing pace at any given moment. And with tracks as gloriously uplifting as ‘Shape Shifter’, don’t be surprised if ‘Gorilla Manor’ sneak onto a few end of year lists.

By Reef Younis

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