No illusions are being shattered here by revealing that, regardless of the hype, Major Lazer is not a Jamaican commando who lost his arm in the secret Zombie War of 1984. Instead, it is lauded Philadelphia producer Diplo, most famous for shaping M.I.A.’s records, and London knob-twiddler Switch, whose retro-futurist Caribbean bleeps added the substance to Santigold’s high-fashion debut.
Here they combine to make a darkly propulsive modern dancehall record with various Jamaican luminaries. While large chunks of the lyrics are preoccupied by the more gynaecological end of sex that only a vigorously horny 13-year-old boy would find titillating (sample lyric: ‘Don’t you like it when I shift your drawers to one side and stuff my stiff dick inside your fat pussy’), this is compensated by some inspired production. ‘Hold the Line’s sampling of all things telephonic is gloriously wonky, and the sound of a screaming toddler put through an autotune demands to be heard. Far from brilliant, but still with moments of insane genius, ‘Guns…’ will do until its creators find new pop nymphets to play with.

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