Maps’ debut album garnered a Mercury nomination, so expectations will be high for this second offering from one-man electronica obsessive James Chapman. ‘Turning The Mind’ has a tendency for semi-epic builds and drawn-out endings, with one or two tracks which nicely break up the flow. ‘I Dream Of Crystal”s breathy vocals are oddly like Hot Chip covering British Sea Power, while ‘Let Go Of The Fear’ is a buzzy electronic stomper, claustrophobic and disorientating. Then there’s ‘Love Will Come’, which isn’t far from straight-out nineties rave. For the most part though, a somewhat hazy atmosphere settles over this record like a mist, through which occasional patches of bright euphoric melody burst through like sunshine. While drifting slightly in its second half, ‘Turning The Mind’ is a slice of synth-drenched majesty.

By Chris Watkeys

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