Memory Tapes is the pseudonym of another of the one-man bedroom knob-twiddlers, in this case New Jersey’s Dayve Hawke, and ‘Seek Music’ marks his UK debut. ‘Swimming Fields’ is the aptly named opening track, and sets the tone for the record with its floaty, underwater feel. To reel out the clich√©d but accurate adjectives, this is hazy, hypnotic and enveloping stuff. ‘Bicycle”s buzzy passages touch on Hot Chip and will sound awesome at three a.m. under lights, while the album’s high point, ‘Green Knight’, is like New Order slowed to thirty-three rpm and laced with a funk guitar line… plus a melancholy piano ending. Largely though, ‘Seek Music’ is pretty generic stuff, however excellently produced. Highly listenable, admirably inventive in places, but a little too conformist to quicken the pulse.

By Edgar Smith

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