“Championed by Italians Do It Better big cheese Johnny Jewel, Nite Jewel, aka Romana Gonzalez, seems to have been taken in as the celebrated DJ’s lo-fi little sister. An album of eight-track bedroom ambience, ‘Good Evening’ is an intriguing prospect. Balanced synth plods in the shadow of an omnipotent electronic pulse, as Romana’s anomalous vocal floats over 16 bit mega drive flashes. Carrying the cold, withdrawn mordancy of the 80’s, its often haunting exterior is tempered with a healthy sense of DIY analogue beats. But for all the shimmering playfulness of tracks like ‘Let’s Go (The Two of Us Together)’, the tired LA lounge of closer ‘Lover’ highlights the albums Achilles. Pedestrian in places, ‘Good Evening’ is the aloof girl (or boy) in the club. You desperately want to approach them, you just don’t know how.