Live Review
No Age at The Scala, Kings Cross, London
No Age
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“Let’s not stage dive, man, that’s like so fucking ’90’s,” announces Spunt – drummer/singer of LA art-punk duo, No Age. They’re one song in and already the boys in black have had to infiltrate the audience to stop the crowd surfing because the security guard on stage can’t stave them off alone. Armed with a new EP (‘Losing Feeling’) and construction site-worthy moustaches, the boys mix up old and new and there’s not a moment of peace until they leave the stage. ‘Teen Creeps’ catches the ears of all with sharp pop-filtered riffs, and through the fuzz of Randall’s guitar you can hear Spunt’s masculine whine. With a similar format, they mirror Matt & Kim – sans the irritating synths – with pop-hooks fused with the punching sound wave of And You Will Know Us‚” ‘Every Artist‚”‘ takes a slower pace, but Spunt flings beads of sweat from his face and bounces in his seat as you’ll be hard-pressed to find a No Age track that doesn’t still have a thrust-worthy beat. Cymbal-heavy ‘Boy Void’, along with its feedback-inducing, thrashing guitar, ensures this show ends the way it started – kids resisting authority and dancing their arses off at the hands of two men from across the pond.