When record shops are packed with an array of post punk, noise pop, quirk rock and the like, what’s one more lo fi DIY album to add to the pile? Amongst other things, Nodzzz is not so much lo fi as no fi, opener ‘Is She There’ setting the scene with a back porch drum line and a guitar that sounds like it’s plugged into a tin can, accompanied by Dead Milkmen-ish speak-sing monotonations, delivered with tight-jawed, nasally Californian matter-of-factness. Each under-two-minute track (the whole thing is over in under sixteen) has hooks to be reckoned with and the entire album has hints of Costello, Childish et al, as well as a sarky, sunny, misfit attitude that doesn’t want to hang with its alleged record shop peers – it just wants the car keys and, maybe someday, a real amp.

By Polly Rappaport

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