For his ‘Found Songs’ project, Icelandic composer and producer √ìlafur Arnalds churned out a song a day for 7 days and whacked them on Twitter, encouraging fans to contribute their own artwork. Listening to the collected songs, released as a mini-album by the small but charming Erased Tapes label, it is easy to imagine how people would be moved to create visual art fitting Arnalds’ instrumental music. The sparse electronics never get in the way of the piano melodies, the strings add an ethereal touch and the conciseness of pieces like ‘Erla’s Waltz’ and ‘Lj√≥si_’ make ‘Found Songs’ seem more like a collection of musical short stories rather than songs. And while there isn’t a lot in the way of hooks, its evocative qualities and atmosphere make for a lovely autumn record.

By Matthias Scherer

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