In these troubled post-MJ times, the shear audacity of naming your third album ‘Thriller’ is almost as unbelievable as Part Chimp’s latest is bludgeoning. Sounding like it’ll blow your speakers regardless of its volume, it’s a record that’s impossible to be listened to quietly, and yet there’s something soothing about the tar-thick grunge riffs and sonic walls of sound that make up tracks like ‘Dirty Sun’. Maybe it’s the euphoric raising scales, or the idea that a post-Sonic Youth Led Zeppelin could sound this experimental if they kissed and made up. Regardless of reason, ‘Thriller’ manages to do for noise rock what post-punk did for punk. It’s no longer about atonal sounds pitching originality above meaning – now bands like Part Chimp can say far more than “Fuck You!”. Michael would be so proud.

By Sam Little

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