If it’s getting increasingly harder to separate the Flight Of The Conchords parody from ironic-free electro goon – and it is – Patrick Cleandenim is a baffling prospect. The 24-year-old is keen to tell the world of how he used to pen lyrics in a bungalow once owned by William Burroughs and how he’s a serious musician, nay, an artist. ‘Orange Moonbeam‚”‘ aims at early 80s pop/commercial dance production but winds up hitting the disco-interpretation-of-a-corporate-team-building-video target smack on the money. The downbeat ‘Heart Attack’ is a vast improvement on the preceding ‘Stage Fright’ – an annoying calypso track, possibly pulled for the bin of Jack Penate – but ultimately Cleandenim is far more Jemaine than the Bowie he adores.

By Stuart Stubbs

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