Anybody with a festering sense of injustice, a grudge to bear, or an all-consuming store of impotent inner rage may find in ‘King of Jeans’ a temporary outlet. This is music as primal scream therapy, forty minutes of band versus world. Pissed Jeans seem to wear their reliance on the distortion pedal and the minor chord like a badge of honour. Bands have been making this kind of music since the infancy of heavy metal almost forty years ago, and looking for a glimmer of inventiveness anywhere on this record is a forlorn and fruitless endeavour. Yet if you accept that this is ‘does what it says on the tin’ music, there’s fun to be found. The sparsely arranged ‘Spent’ is like Black Sabbath on Valium, while frayed melodies pervade the grunge-tinged assault of ‘Dream Smotherer’. This is twelve tracks of dumb as fuck, elemental, heavy rock noise.

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