Listening to ‘The Flexible Entertainer’ is an anxiety driven but ultimately invigorating experience. Like Mi Ami and High Places before it, every album album from the Thrill Jockey stable seems to tingle the spine whilst shredding the nerves, and it’s no different here. Butchy Fuego and Fay Davis-Jeffers are the duo behind Pit er Pat and they like things simple, so simple in fact that this album was never going to exist. Intended purely for the live circuit (‘The Flexible Entertainer’ was conceived once a European tour was booked and the band realised their desire to ‘travel light’), this is a collection of short, sharply spiked shudders, raw and minimal. Their use of space and disjointed beats familiar to any fan of The xx, this remains a wilder beast. Sexy, sparse and on the verge of a nervous breakdown it needs to be played very loud. Play it quietly and let the dread in.

By Ian Roebuck

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