In the last 3 months, there’s been a lot of shouting about New York’s The Drums and their excitable surfing habits, but in neighbouring New Jersey, Real Estate have been developing a far subtler beach sound – their coastal, sunbathing indie soundtracks the sunset after a day of hanging ten with Johnny Utah and the dead presidents. It’s slower and slyer than those currently towing the lo-fi/surf line (babbling arpeggio guitars and half whispered vocals, not yelps of early morning shore hysteria), but it’s no less impressive, meandering along at its own mid-to-slovenly pace that is effortlessly immersive. If there’s an argument against Real Estate’s debut, it no doubt sounds like, “Dude, all the tracks sound the same,” which is not an unfair observation, although, “Yeah man, but the whole thing is way too soothing for me to give a shit,” soon deals with such nay-saying.

By Stuart Stubbs

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