Sian Alice Group are an intriguing proposition. Rare amongst bands in that their refusal to be pigeonholed is actually valid, they’re an unusual hybrid of piano-based folk, a dash of electronica and the kind of music ideally suited to an indie film soundtrack – think Lavender Diamond, mutated by Leftfield and fronted by Kate Bush. The music is beguiling and absorbing in equal measure, low-key and intricate. Singer Sian Ahern’s vocals are the standout piece in this unique jigsaw – ‘Love That Moves The Sun’ has her delicate voice floating over a shimmering, repetitive backdrop, while on songs like ‘Through Air Over Water’, harmonies espouse a deep-seated longing. Meanwhile, ‘Vanishing”s awkward drum-machine rhythms and hypnotic lyrics keep things interesting. Richly inventive and beautifully executed, this is a gem of an album.

By Chris Watkeys

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