Icelandic noir quartet Singapore Sling are not just an open book, but rather a splayed Velvet Underground annual with bonus Mary Chain stickers and “I heart reverb” doodles welcoming every page turn. This, their fourth album, is called ‘Perversity, Desperation and Death’, complete with guns on its sleeve. Yes, there’s some proud sporting of influences on sleeves going on here – this band like their music retro and as black as their leather jackets. As the opening ‘I Believe’ proves, that’s no bad thing. Sounding more than a little like The Cramps’ ‘Human Fly’, it shuffles along in PVC pants that you’ll want to follow. ‘Demoniac’ is even naughtier, in a viagra-stiff Lou Reed kinda way. The band then settle into a stride marked ‘competent, early Primal Scream’ nicely enough, but as this record plods on you’ll ask where all the perversity went.

By Stuart Stubbs

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