In an era where do-it-yourself albums are as common as a copy of the Metro on the back seat of the 38 bus, Robert Robinson’s palindrome-happy offering is content to set up camp somewhere in amongst the noise. Musically, ‘Second Chants’ drifts somewhere between spacey My Bloody Valentine-esque vocals and earthy Bon Iver instrumentation, though quickly descends into directionless noise that recalls the worst aspects of Thom Yorke’s self-indulgent solo album – droning, incoherent vocals and wildy unnecessary studio effects. A shame, since tracks like ‘Lips Like Wine’ and ‘One By One’ feature a beautiful Spector-mimicking wall of sound, while ‘Go Back My Love’ is a fragile, if pitchy, lullaby. Ultimately, Sore Eros are the musical equivalent of ‘The ONE Show’: harmless, inoffensive but definitely not life-changing.

By Laura Hughes

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