‘Solo Electric Bass 1’. No glitches. No gimmicks. No frills. No need to read between the lines, because rarely has an album title so comprehensively encompassed the actual recording. One man, one bass and amp, a live recording and 40 minutes of aficionado-baiting bass, slap funk slabs and smooth experimental jazz. Perhaps a little weary of sending wired minds down rabbit holes – you could somewhat cynically dismiss ‘Solo…’ as an album of self-congratulatory dirge – it’s merely Squarepusher aka Thomas Jenkinson playing it straight. And with a gushing Flea endorsement on the merits of Jenkinson’s electro bass skills, ‘Solo…’ is indulgent appreciation in its purest form. Stripped and skeletal, it’s an extended showcase for his skewed wizardry that’s as likely to have the purists purring as everyone else yawns in inquisition.

By Reef Younis

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