When the entire world is going down the shitter, it’s great to have figures like Tom Morello who’ll speak up for the little guys. Retracing steps to earlier days impressing upon young minds with RATM, Morello here teams up with Boots Riley to offer revolution-inspiring rhymes. But gone are the angst-ridden screams, replaced here with Riley’s velvet purr on tracks like ‘Fight! Smash! Win!’ and ‘100 Little Curses’. However, before long you realise each song is sounding like the one before and, more alarmingly, like Red Hot Chilli Peppers (‘Somewhere In The World It’s Midnight’). Sadly, we all grow up though. Fighstar fans once bellowed ‘The Year 3000’ at Busted; Rage’s once angry young fans have settled down and had kids. This more mellow Morello is for them.

By Phil Burt

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