Iain Pettifer and Stricken City do our job for us and interview pal Hugh Frost… and vice versa

Iain Pettifer and Stricken City do our job for us and interview pal Hugh Frost… and vice versa

We met Hugh two years ago when our friend Tim put on a night at Corsica Studios. Since then we’ve played together a bunch of times and Raa [as in Rebekah Raa, Stricken City’s leading lady] is singing a song on his debut album. Also, his girlfriend is our super cool friend George so it’s fun to hang out together always. After doing this interview we all got wrecked drinking Cherry GinBrini!

Hugh: “You’re one of those old fashioned bands that doesn’t have any programming, is that a deliberate ethos or are you just stuck in the past?!”
Iain: “Well, originally I didn’t think we’d even use a keyboard. Now we do but we got the oldest we could find and it looks like it’s made from wood and it’s only monophonic.”
H: “Would you ever play with a backing track?”
Raa: “It would maybe make things too rigid.”
I: “We like to be a bit more loose and ramshackle. You’re the opposite. Do you think you’ll ever get more people involved, like a band?”
H: “I’m totally not averse to being in a band, I used to be in a bunch of bands but stopped because it just wasn’t practical ‘cos I was at Uni or didn’t meet the right people or whatever. To go from doing everything with friends for years, to having to put out an advert like “DRUMMER WANTED” that just made me feel really depressed.”
R: “But that’s how we met Kit! [SC’s real life drummer]”
I: “Well, we put out a drummer advert and Kit was the only one that replied.”
R: “You’re so mean.”
I: “But that is true, that is what happened.”
R: “We were really lucky.”
I: “What really swayed it was that he was a drummer called Kit. The order of things that got you in the band Kit was, number 1, only person that replied to the advert, number 2, you were called Kit, third we really liked you, and fourth was you could play the drums.”
Kit: “?!?!”
I: “Let’s talk about playing live for a minute‚””
R: “Well, sometimes I’ll be really conscious of what I look like in front of people and find it hard to move, but then sometimes I don’t even care that anyone is watching.”
I: “It depends on our crowd reaction I guess but what about if you have to play a big stage Hugh, that must be weird on your own?”
H: “I hate big stages. I’m starting to get a bit more used to it now, but I played a festival in Scotland with a capacity of 10’000 people but there were only about 700 when I played, so you’re looking out over a huge field of people picnicking and drinking Aftershock. It was a rough festival, no one was watching except George, she was the only person standing up and paying attention, and afterwards the sound guy came up to me and said ‘Sound better in your bedroom did it?'”

I: “Is that the worst thing anyone’s said about you?”
H: “Yeah, especially in a thick Scottish accent, I just thought, ‘I wanna die.'”
I: “Someone said we were the worst thing they’d ever been exposed to. Like, out of everything in the world, that’s quite impressive.”
H: “What was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?”
R: “What, in the band?”
Espen [bass]: “I keep waiting for Raa to fall off stage or something.”
I: “You’ve done it once though, Corsica studios?”
R: “Did I fall OFF the stage though??”
E: “You’ve fallen over a million times‚” Remember when you were talking about Bardou at the Camden Crawl?”
E: “You were talking about butterflies.”
R: “O Maaaaan.”
K: “Imagine‚”.the bees and the butterflies‚”.in this misty plaaaace‚””
R: “Well, I didn’t think it was embarrassing, but it OBVIOUSLY was.”

H: “I walked into a mirror in a dark club and tried to get out the way of my own reflection for about 10 seconds.”
R: “When was that?”
H: “Actually that was the first night me and George went on a date.”
R: “Aaaaah maybe you were a bit nervous.”
E: “How did you meet George?”
H: “I met her the night we all played together‚”the first ever time!!!”
I: “What!!!..O.M.G.”
H: “I wanna ask Rebekah about her fashion stuff. Also you two on stage have quite similar style, which I like?”
R: “Sometimes we’ll turn up at the same place together dressed the same and not even realise we did that.”
H: “It’s like high fashion meets leisure wear, you know like baggy vests and stuff. Do you tell Iain what to wear?!”
R: “Not at all!”
H: “You’re just in synch.”
R: “You know what though I can be very manipulative! Cos we’ll go in American Apparel and he’ll be like which one shall I get, this one or that one and I’ll defiantly pick the one I can wear.”
H: “Is that news to you Iain.”
I: “?!”
H: “So you’ve just finished your degree [at London School of Fashion], your collection is done, does the music in anyway cross over with the fashion?”
R: “Well one of our songs is half about a teacher and another is about this BITCH in my class that I cannot stand.”
H: “It’s more about characters and people then?”
R: “Yeah, its nothing like (sings) ///I LOVE CLOTHES/I’M GONNA WEAR THEM///”

H: “Dude we need to plug our new singles.”
I: “Shoot.”
H: “My new single is called ‘L.A’.”
I: “You don’t like LA do you?”
H: “That’s not really true, I like LA a lot, I don’t like a certain side of it, which is like the huge contrast you get between rich and poor. Which you get everywhere, but it’s so in your face in LA. The homeless are so fucked up and the rich people are so rich that it’s just bizarre. What’s your single about?”
I: “It’s called ‘Tak o Tak’ which I think is Raa’s attempt at foreign sarcasm but I don’t think it fits in with any actual language. It’s like Tak o Tak, as in thanks and thanks, as in thanks a lot, but it’s kind of just nonsense.”
E: “It’s almost right in Swedish. It’s kind of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish all in one.”
R: “I just like the noise it makes.”


Originally published in issue 2 (vol. 2) of Loud And Quiet. August 2008

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