For many, Sufjan’s previous album, ‘Illinois’, will go down as a modern day classic, yet he also serves as a bastion of the modern day undercurrent of artists who never quite get the attention many would say they deserve. ‘BQE’ is not an album that is going to break from this mould, rather it is one that will seal his place at the table of left-field indie-cultdom. It has seen him depart from previous plans of releasing an album named after and influenced by each state and temporarily turn towards issuing a mixed medium artistic exploration of the Brooklyn – Queens expressway. This soundtrack takes on a classical theme, structured in movements and coated in a vast array of dynamics. Vocal-less, it relies on an orchestra to provide the intricately played soundbed that, by its culmination, will leave the majority pining for a more traditional outpouring.

By Tom Goodwyn

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