In a carbon copy career trajectory of BRMC, The Raveonettes are no longer considered the cool, young Wayfarer-donning things they once were. It’s been that way since their debut mini album – the blink-n-you’ll-miss-it, brilliantly fast ‘Whip It On’. But like Black Rebel, these Danes obsessed with the US continue to shame out faddy minds with music that surpasses their initial aesthetic buzz. The duo’s poppiest LP yet, there remains dark lyrics between those trademark surf riffs and nods to The Beach Boys. Rape, lost love and suicide – it’s all there in the boy/girl breathy vocals, while tambourines bash on and songs like ‘Boys Who Rape (Should Be Destroyed)’ sound far cheerier than they should. Still heavily sponging from The Jesus and Mary Chain and Spector girl groups, certainly, but if this were The Big Pink we’d all be offering reach arounds.

By Stuart Stubbs

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