Brooklyn’s So So Glos describe themselves as the world’s best bar band, and whereas delusional musicians usually throw in words like “groundbreaking” and “daring”, the quintet have actually got themselves spot on. Every note of their debut UK release feels like it’s come direct from a sticky bar floor, been soaked in beer and hurled into the street by a bouncer. Thing is, the bands that tend to do well in bars are cover bands, and so it proves with ‘Tourism/Terrorism’. Every sound is borrowed, whether it’s from The Smiths on ‘My Block’, The Clash on ‘Execution’ or classic Beatles on ‘Isn’t It A Shame’. Doubtless that if you’d consumed your body weight in lager and just want to hear some standards then you’ll probably love So So Glos, but even the most hardened drinkers can’t be drunk all time…

By Tom Goodwyn

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