If you’re one of those wacky, lay-about twenty-somethings from the old Twister adverts that plays it in the living room with your cool friends and you want a cool soundtrack, lets say knowingly retro garage rawk that’s better than this summer’s disappointing Strange Boys debut and the increasingly disappointing Black Lips, here’s the album you’ve been looking for. Having released a self-titled debut with great seven inch ‘Volcano’, about bong hits or something in 2007, the Be Your Own Pet side-project are back for some good, clean (judging from stomp-athon ‘Sober is my New High’) and light-hearted rock’n’roll fun. It’s alright, and great on lead single ‘Mama’s Mad ’cause I Fried my Brain’, but ultimately as vacuous as your louche, living room-bound existence.

By Edgar Smith

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