It’s not uncommon for errant musicians making ego-stroking side projects to name-drop classical composers, even if the solo LP they’re promoting ends up sounding barely more musical than The Twang. But when Tyondai Braxton, one quarter of avant-rock genre squelchers Battles cites Stravinsky’s ‘The Nightingale’ as inspiration, it’s worth taking notice. Essentially a contemporary classical seven-movement symphony, scored by Braxton and performed with New York’s Wordless Music Orchestra, ‘Central Market’ retains the playful quirks of Braxton’s band but delivers them at orchestral scale. Delicate polyrhythmic electronics pulse, repeating motifs come and go to make ‘Central Market’ even better than Battles’ ‘Mirrored’. Technically and musically awe-inspiring. ‘Central Market’ offers the faintest hint that it could one day be considered a masterpiece.

By Sam Walton

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