The VEGC have always been an unconventional group, their distinctiveness bred through ignoring stale ideas of what a guitar band should be. Three years after rising out of Cardiff, they return to our attentions having gone through a dramatic transformation, where the end result only bears the loosest of resemblance to what once stood. Textually rich and dynamically expansive, though not as instantly catchy, this sophomore outing is a more complex affair; a slow burner as opposed to an instant hit. Lead single ‘Parrot’ sees them shift towards Liars-esque noise experimentation and metallic sounding verses before leading into more standardised, Pixies-tinged, high rising choruses (‘Periscope Envy’); the majority of this album following a similar trajectory. Simple, repetitive and undeniably kooky; VEGC hold a distinctive pop edge that is wrapped up in an idiosyncratic wonky nature many will envy.

By Nathan Westley

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