For four years it has been quiet on Pascal Arbez-Nicolas’ – aka Vitalic’s – front, but this month, one of electro’s most loved and least rivalled figures returns. While his 2001 Poney EP helped kickstart the “electrock” storm that swept Justice to stardom, ‘Flashmob’ creeps up on you and slyly guides you to the dancefloor rather than grab you by your sweaty locks and drill a KORG-synth-shaped hole in your eardrum. While there’s no obvious pop hit like ‘My friend Dario’ to be found, ‘Second Lives’ is a straight-up banger out of the Ed Banger textbook. First single ‘Your Disco Song’ is oddly reminiscent of Crystal Castles’ ‘Crimewave’, but quickly develops its own dark tint. Arbez-Nicolas has a knack for getting the listener’s attention, and ‘Flashmob”s 13 tracks make sure it rarely fades.

By Matthias Scherer

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