From a London perspective at least, America seems full of bands pumping a Superfuzz Bigmuff-meets-surf rock sound that’s crawled out of LA’s The Smell and now runs rampant from coast to coast, spilling over the pond into Upset the Rhythm nights here. There seems to be a common theme amongst the likes of Mika Mako and Crystal Antlers – wild live show, disappointing LP – but Wavves buck this trend. Within the confines of Barden’s they sounded more Blink 182 than No Age, but this album captures, in an uncompromisingly fucked-up, dirt-cheap fashion, what makes this grunge-punk/no-fi scene so exciting. The playtime-Fuckbuttons of its Mini-Korg interludes aside, it’s wall-to-wall garage blasts that raise an eyebrow in tribute to youth subcultures in the manner of lead single ‘So Bored’.

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