Put three girls with lo-fi and the assumption you come to is Riot Grrrl, right? Well, if you’re expecting Bikini Kill put down the CD now because you ain’t getting it. Turn your mind to female harmonies of Vivian Girls plus the droll organ/cow bell/rim snaps stripped from the B52’s and wrapped around the heavy, leading bass of Talking Heads. Take some time to absorb it and you may just have an idea of Wetdog’s second record. Unlike their debut, ‘Enterprise Reversal’, there aren’t 20 songs to contend with, but there’re still a hefty 14 that are kicked off by forthcoming single ‘Lower Leg’. It’s the liveliest track, flicking between a monotonous beat, paired with arid Fall-esque vocals, and a shrill chorus to agile instrumentation. ‘Night Comes Down’ is middle filler that couldn’t excite a randy teenager if the notes were tickling his scrotum, but there are plenty of gems to make you tingle. There’s a carnival with too many sounds to distinguish in ‘Snapper’, while ‘Round Vox’ carries an innocent, ’50’s-tempo bass line with choral harmonies, and things are rounded off towards the end with Rivka Gillieron belching gusto in Elvis-smeared ‘huh’s to ‘Women’s Final’.

By D. Goldstein

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