The first album from this Portland duo kicks off with ‘Ring The Bell’; an uplifting, tribal ditty of infectious beats that calls you to the dance floor as frontman Jona Bechtolt questions the existence of heaven and hell. It’s fine form, which continues with ‘The Afterlife’, fully equipped with a catchy chorus echoing Desmond Dekker’s ‘The Israelites’. Unfortunately, it’s downhill from here as each track becomes a blur of repetitive beats, sampled sounds and spoken lyrics that make Yacht sound rather like a less-inventive, boring Lo-Fi-Fnk who are certainly not providing anything new. Fine to hear playing while you drink summer cocktails and discuss what a git Andy Murray is, but excessive solo listening may induce a partial coma. It’s starts with a bell but a final track called ‘Throw In The Towel’ wouldn’t be out of place.

By Phil Burt

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