Live Review
Fair Ohs at 93 Feet East, Shoreditch
Fair Ohs
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By their own admission, Fair Ohs are a band that, on stage, “talk rubbish and sweat a lot”. The drivel comes largely from the lips of singer Eddy, who tonight insists that his band are Toto on more than one occasion. The perspiration, then, is usually at the glands of bassist Matt and drummer Joe, who, like Eddy, play their African-inspired punk without their shoes on. Like most, we titter at the rubbish and fail to notice a bead of sweat, because Fair Ohs really are that good! Joe, especially, is a poster boy for practice. He’s been in hardcore bands for years (as have his band mates), tightening his heavy drum patterns and locking in tumbling fills. Now he rumbles complicated, tribal rhythms with little effort while Matt and Eddy yelp into facing microphones. Winding their calypso melodies around 93 Feet East, propelled by Eddy’s steel-drum-impersonating guitar sound, tracks like ‘Hey Lizzy’ and ‘Almost Island’ make Fair Ohs the ultimate, giddy party band. Their carnival garage is more in-tune with golden shorelines and goofy Ray-Bans than Brick Lane’s Curry Mile and visible winter breath, but that’s what makes them so welcome. By summer 2010, their escapist punk will be the most fun and entertaining prospect of your festival season.

By Danny Canter


Originally published in issue 13 (vol 3) of Loud And Quiet. December 2009