Rising from the ashes of French psych-rockers Cyann & Ben, one of the greatest bands never to make it big, three-piece Yeti Lane seem to be aiming their music right for the (admittedly, indie) mainstream, on this, their exceptionally strong debut. Some of their former band’s shoegazey, Pink Floyd-esque sound remains, but it’s all strengthened and speeded-up – ‘Heart’s Architecture’ is dreamy and subtle, yet propelled by a driving shuffle beat. There’s a strong Krautrock influence (unsurprisingly, given the fact their name references Amon Duul II) to the more up-tempo guitar-led tracks like ‘Twice’ and ‘Lucky Bag’, and while there’s a slight feeling that Yeti Lane have timidly reined in some of their weirder tendencies, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing – just wait until their confidence grows, and then we’ll really see what they can do.

By Tom Pinnock

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